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The Carbide Die Specialists

RCD specializes in making the highest quality custom carbide dies, quickly and at the best value in the industry. We understand that our customer’s time is money, so we take care of them from start to finish. With our approach you don't just get the lowest cost on precision carbide dies, we also protect you from the hidden costs that come with less than amazing quality tooling and customer service.

Raven Carbide Die relies on over 40 years experience in creating high quality carbide dies, in fact, precision carbide dies are our specialty. With RCD, you can expect superior dies to be delivered when you need them. Perhaps most importantly, RCD puts our customers first. RCD will be happy to work with you to make sure you get the dies you need, when you need them. If you need anything from an expert opinion about your processes to rush delivery, we will be there for you.


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RCD's commitment to its customers includes providing dies at lower prices, typically 15-25% lower than our competitors. This allows your company to compete at a higher level then companies using other carbide die manufacturers. Furthermore, RCD specializes in carbide dies, this means we can save you even more money by providing on time delivery and avoiding hassles that are associated with inferior parts. Without the highest quality dies and tooling companies lose money, parts need to be sent back to be reworked or don't last as long as possible under the punishing conditions of cold forming. In the end, problems like these can cost you thousands in lost manufacturing time and labor. We understand that and put your part first, because that's what we do. With RCD you are assured the highest levels of professionalism and extremely close tolerances on all of your parts, and in the end this means even more money in your pocket.
The Competitive Edge
  • The Lowest Cost - Typically 15%-25% lower than our competition
  • The Lowest Real Cost (Price per die minus costs associated with lower quality parts)
  • Precision Parts and Superior Designs - Better made dies last for thousands of more parts - Saving on downtime, labor and carbide die costs since fewer dies will do more!
  • Unbeatable Customer Service - We make your job easier for you. If you need a rush job or some pointers on getting more out of your dies, that's no problem. Rest assured we are committed to your success!
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