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Precision Carbide Grinding
With over 40 years of experience RCD has developed the capability to grind carbide dies and carbide tooling to extremely close tolerances. In fact, our precision carbide grinding capabilities allow us to manage tolerances of up to .0001" with a 1-2 micro finish. We accomplish this through rigid attention to detail and excellence throughout our production process.

High Quality Tungsten Carbide
It all starts with high quality tungsten carbide. At RCD all carbide is inspected when it comes in and due to our customer focused philosophy we will make sure it is the best possible, longest lasting carbide grade for your carbide die application.

Extremely Close Tolerances
At RCD we know that carbide die companies that don’t hold tight tolerances cause massive problems for their customers. One improperly measured die can wreck havoc on a cold heading, forming or impact extruding process, costing thousands in parts, labor and downtime. With RCD dies are never shipped out of spec, we know the importance of holding tight tolerances. In order to uphold our rigid standards all of our dies have to pass an internal inspection, ensuring they match the prints exactly, or they won’t be shipped.

Precision Micro Finishing
Raven Carbide Die can achieve a 1-2 micro finish using our custom modified finishing lathes. Another way RCD ensures your dies will be ground to the highest possible tolerances is by using the top precision machines available, ID dimensions are ground using a Parker-Majestic grinder for example.

Longer Carbide Die Life
The correct carbide, along with close tolerances and an excellent finish insures the longest possible life for your carbide die. With long lasting dies thousands of additional parts can be produced without the need to stop manufacturing and this in turn ensures your success. Tungsten carbide dies in general are extremely cost effective, making them an obvious choice over steel dies.

Get the Edge on Your Competition
In order to manufacture the best possible carbide dies and tooling RCD has developed the RCD Competitive Edge. With the RCD Competitive Edge you are ensured the highest quality dies because of our focus on details like the quality of the tungsten carbide used, achieving a high micro finish and an almost obsessive focus on keeping close tolerances. At RCD we only ship the highest quality carbide dies and tooling, and when you add the lowest prices, quick turnarounds and unbeatable customer service on top of that – your success is guaranteed.

Carbide Die Grinding
Carbide Blanchard Grinding is also avialable!
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