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In addition to carbide dies, RCD manufactures carbide tooling for cold heading and cold forming. RCD produces quality, close tolerance steel and carbide tooling at prices 15-25% lower than our competitors. However, providing exceptional value to our customers is more than just price. We understand that 100% accuracy, unbeatable service and rapid delivery saves our customers time and money. Our tool makers are highly trained and we utilize the best machine tool technology to produce the best possible tooling for our customers.

• Ammunition Dies
Bullet Dies
Carbide Ammunition Dies
Carbide Bushings
• Cases
• Cold Forming Dies
• Cold Heading Dies
• Counterbore Dies
• Die Assembles
• Die Blocks
• Die Inserts
• Drill Bushings
• Extrusion Dies
• Fillers (carbide spacers)
• Hex Wafers

• Mandrels
• Munitions Dies
• Nibs
• Pins (Carbide)

• Plugs (Carbide)
• Point Dies
Carbide Punches
• Progressive Stamping Dies
• Quills
• Special Extrusions

• Stamping Dies
• Thread Roll Dies
• Transfer Fingers
• Trap Extrusions
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Carbide Punches      
Carbide punches    
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Carbide Tooling Carbide dies and punches for
aluminum tubes, cans and lids.
If there is anything you may need that is not listed, please feel free to contact RCD.
Additionally, we can meet urgent turn around demands such as one week, or less if needed!
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