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Carbide Drill Bushings

Carbide Bushings (Tungsten Carbide Drill Bushings)
Updated 6/4/2020

Raven Carbide Die specializes in producing long lasting, high quality, carbide bushings and drill bushings. We understand the extreme wear your bushings experience and with our expertise we manufacture bushing that last much longer. In fact carbide bushings last over ten times longer than steel bushings greatly increasing productivity. This also means you will have less down time, so your machines can keep up production as well as fewer setups that cost companies additional labor.

The bottom line is that using Raven Carbide Die’s carbide bushings and carbide drill bushing saves you time and money. RCD also provides carbide bushings at an average of 15-25% lower than our competitors, which means even more money in your pocket.

Contact us today for a quote on tungsten carbide bushings, carbide drill bushings, jig bushings or custom / specialty carbide bushings made to print. Call 248-835-5874 or email and let us know what you need!
Press Fit Carbide Bushings
"carbide bushings last over ten times longer than steel bushings greatly increasing productivity. This also means you will have less down time."

Tungsten Carbide Bushing Types:
Press Fit Bushings - Click to learn more about Carbide Headless Press Fit Bushings. Carbide press fit bushings are available in standard and custom sizes.

Head Press Fit Carbide Bushings - Headed press fit bearings have a head, sometimes called a rim, collar or flange, at the top for additional load bearing capabilities. Carbide head press fit bushings are available in standard and custom sizes.

Carbide Direct Coolant Bushings
- Direct coolant carbide bushings improve chip flushing and cooling for industrial and commercial drilling applications increasing the life of the drill and increasing productivity. Chip breakers are available on all bushing types. Direct Coolant Carbide Bushings are available in all types, carbide grades and sizes, both standard and custom bushings are available.

Carbide Gun Drill Inserts - Also referred to as Gundrill Bushing Inserts, these high precision inserts are ground with their ID, OD and face within .0002"concentricity and tolerance. Carbide Gun drill Inserts are available in standard and custom sizes and grades.

Carbide Slip-Fixed Renewable Bushings - Tungsten carbide slip-fixed renewable bushings are precision made of high quality tungsten to ensure they last and can be reused, saving you money. Available in standard and custom configurations.

Oil Drill Bushings - When extra lubricant is required Oil Drill Bushings provide a pathway for lubricant to enter the ID through the side of the bushing. Most carbide bushings can be made into oil drill bushings with a wide variety of groove styles. End wipers are also available to keep out dirt and help clear chips.

Specialty Carbide Bushings - Custom bushings can be made to your specifications. Contact Raven Carbide today for a quote! Contact Us.

Why are carbide busings better than steal bushings?
Raven Carbide is very comfortable saying that our tungsten carbide bushings will last over 10 times as long as steel bushings used in the same application. (Depending on the application tungsten carbide can last up to 50 times as long as steel but we are going to work from the 10x number)

For example, paying $14.00 for a carbide bushing compared to $7.00 for a steel will have a real cost savings of $56 per carbide bushing.

Carbide Bushing: Cost $14
Steel Bushing: Cost $7 x 10 = $70

In this example you save $56 dollars per bushing by using Raven Carbide Bushings. In addition you will save on labor and by having less production downtime, as bushings are needed to be replaced 10 times less often and production is not halted while bushings are changed.

Carbide Bushings
What you get with The RCD Competitive Edge
  • The Lowest Cost - Typically 15%-25% lower than our competition
  • The Lowest Real Cost (Price per bushing minus costs associated with lower quality parts)
  • Precision Parts and Superior Designs - Better made bushings last for thousands of more parts - Saving on downtime, labor and carbide bushing costs since fewer bushings will do more!
  • Unbeatable Customer Service - We make your job easier for you. If you need a rush job or some pointers on getting more out of your bushings and carbide drill bushings, that's no problem. Rest assured we are committed to your success!
Carbide Drill Bushings
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