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Carbide Ammunition Dies

Carbide Ammunition Dies
Updated 3/15/2023

Raven Carbide is a premier manufacturer of carbide ammunition dies for the domestic and defense industries, we understand that these industries require the highest level of tolerances and strive to meet the evolving high standards of carbide bullet die manufacturing. With Raven Carbide Die you are assured the tightest tolerances and best polishing in the industry to make both long lasting dies and highly accurate munitions. We believe your success is our success.

To achieve this goal Raven Carbide Die has focused on purchasing state of the art machinery as well as hiring the best machinists in the Greater Detroit area, a leading region in innovation and excellence in the industry. In fact Raven Carbide Dies main focus since its inception has been on perfecting ID tolerances, mirror polishing and die longevity to such a high degree even our competitors outsource us to finish their dies.

Don’t take our word for it though, we encourage you to do a test run yourselves, discover The Raven Carbide Die Edge. With decades of experience we assure you will receive the highest quality carbide dies, at the lowest cost per bullet manufactured, plus you get the unbeatable customer service and on time delivery of Raven Carbide Die. This ensures your success.

How do we do it? With premium carbide ammunition dies and tooling you save time, money and hassle with not having to change out your dies as frequently. With Raven carbide ammunition dies you get the best carbide grades, tolerances and polish. This means both you don’t have to pay as much to change the dies out and don’t lose money while production is down for changing out the lines.
Your success is our success.

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Try out our tungsten carbide our high polish and tight tolerance ammunitions dies and let us know if we should change our name to Raven Carbide Die and Munitions! To increase your productivity and performance contact Raven Carbide Die today at 248-835-5874 or email your prints and requirements to


Carbide Ammunitions Dies

"With Raven Carbide Dies you get the most accurate bullets."

Carbide Bullet Dies

"Raven Carbide Die uses specialty tungsten carbide grades to provide high toughness, excellent wear, anti-galling and corrosion resistance. This means you will have less down time and higher production."


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