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Carbide Die Company

About Us

RCD is dedicated to delivering the industry’s highest quality dies and tooling, having quick turn around and doing it all at a low cost to you. Our ability to deliver low cost, high value products and is made possible through four decades of experience in the industry and a relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction. RCD specializes in precision grinding, machining and finishing of close tolerance dies and tooling. This focused approach allows us deliver on our promises. We call this the RCD competitive edge which means that we provide you with an advantage in the market place and ultimately help to assure your success. In fact, RCD saves cold heading companies an average of 15- 25% on their tooling.

Another way RCD can save you money is by providing long lasting tooling and dies. With RCD, your parts are manufactured and treated to assure that they last as long as possible, at a price point that makes sense. Changing warn out dies isn’t just an extra expense, it also causes unwanted downtime on your machines and labor costs. This is another area where RCD’s expert staff can be beneficial; we look at your operation and recommend the most cost effective solution for your die and tooling needs.

Located in Southeast, Michigan, RCD is positioned to take advantage of a highly skilled labor force and to follow along in the tradition of great industrial pioneers like Henry Ford. To accomplish this it is our mission to go above and beyond our customers’ expectations through extremely close tolerances, rapid delivery and cost savings.

We look forward to doing business with you!

Industries Served
RCD provides precision cold heading parts to
a wide range of industries, including:

• Aerospace
• Agriculture
• Automotive & After Market
• Construction
• Defense
• Energy
• Food & Beverage (Canning)
• General Manufacturing
• Government/Military
• Electronics
• Healthcare
• Heating & Cooling
• Home Care
• Home & Office
• Medical
• Munitions
• Plumbing
• Telecommunications

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